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To become a member of the institute, Individuals must undergo a training programme for four (4) Saturdays, pass all assessments and be prepared to abide by the constitution and code of ethics of the Institute. The current course fee is GH¢2,000 .

To renew one's membership, subscription fee must be paid to the institute yearly


Membership Subscription fee per anum are as follows:

a. Member/s - GHC300.00               b. Fellow -      GHC500.00               c. Corporate - GHC1000.00 


Benefits of Membership

  1. automatic inclusion, unless opted otherwise on the Directors' Register and Search Service for independent Director placements.

  2. attending discussion forums, debates, seminars and conferences and special members' events and meeting top national, regional and international speakers and guests.

  3. being part of a new culture of directorship and accelerating professional development

  4. being kept up to date with latest information on local, national and global trends in corporate governance through receiving regular information updates and guidance services

  5. the provision of information and guidance services

  6. facilitates recruitment of professional directors etc          Apply online now              or                Download Application Form

Membership of the Institute

There shall be five categories of membership as follows:

  • “Associate member”
  • “Full Member”
  • “Fellow”
  • “Honorary Fellow”
  • “Institutional Member”

Each category of membership shall have specific eligibility requirements as laid down by the Council.


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