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Professional Course in Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance systems have evolved over centuries, often in response to corporate failures or systemic crises. However, it is only recently that corporate governance has emerged as a discipline in its own right. Corporate Governance is now linked to national governance. Good corporate governance cannot be regarded as a luxury or an option for businesses in this 21st century. For investors, clear evidence of good corporate governance provides a better climate of investment. Good corporate governance means good business. In order to fill the vacuum of systematic training for corporate Directors, the Institute of Directors-Ghana has developed this professional course on corporate governance. The course content covers what one needs to know as a practising director.

The objectives are to: Introduce professionalism into directorship; Improve the skills and competence of directors; Add value to corporate activities by directors; Adopt best practice in all aspects of business operations.
This is a weekend programme which is conducted on Saturdays. The duration is four (4) Saturdays and is equivalent to thirty (30) credit hours.
Where participants miss a lecture for just cause, provision will be made for them to complete it during the weekday to assist them to be abreast with the programme.
The IoD-G unique professional training is endowed with a faculty composed of talented and broadly experienced professionals. These professionals are lawyers, accountants, bankers and other officials drawn from both private and public sectors of the economy. They have excellent skills in teaching and a deep belief in good corporate governance.
Board and Council members, Chief Executives, Senior Managers, Board Secretaries, Partners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Academicians, Clergy and Civil Society.
Participants will be given assignments which should be submitted for grading before completion of the programme. Assignments are compulsory and form part of the programme. There is an end of programme competence assessment.
Each participant receives comprehensive course materials containing lecture notes, articles, case studies and essential documents for use during the training programme. The materials also serve as a reference manual thereafter.
A Professional Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully complete the course. Such participants will be admitted to membership of the Institute of Directors-Ghana. Members can use the designation MID after their names.
Attaining high level of expertise and proficiency by improving upon one’s knowledge and skills; Coaching individual directors to add value to corporate activities; Networking with other directors both local on the local and international scene; Receiving newsletters and publications on corporate governance worldwide

Programmes for 2015-2018

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2 Programmes for 2017
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5 TV Programmes

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Course Outline

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Programmes for 2017

Course Outline




Venue Fee GHC
1 Conference, workshops and AGM of African Conference Governance Network (ACGN) 22nd - 24th Feb  Cote D'voire      -
2 38th Professional Course in Corporate Governance (4 Saturdays) 4th - 25th Feb.  Sunlodge Hotel - Tesano   2,000

Directors Business Meeting: 

(Companies Bill-Progress to date)

29th March College of Physicians and Surgeons   800
4 IOD-IFC Seminar: (Integrated Reporting) 4th May (proposed)     1,000
5 11th Advanced Professional Course in Corporate Governance (2 Saturdays) 13th & 20th May  Sunlodge Hotel -  Tesano   1,000
6  39th Professional Course in Corporate Governance (4 Saturdays) 24th June - 17th  July  Sunlodge Hotel -  Tesano   2,000

 Capacity Development Programme:

 Land Administration and Property Management

27th July  Sunlodge Hotel -  Tesano   1,000
8  Conference Workshop and AGM of African Corporate Governance Network   -   to be decided later     -

 Directors Business Meeting:

Code of Corporate Governance for Ghana - Progress to date

24th August  College of Physicians and         Surgeons    800

IoD-Gh/IFC Seminar:

Training of Trainers

26th - 29th Sept.  Yet to be decided on     -
11 40th Professional Course in Corporate Governance (4 Saturdays) 9th - 30th Sept.  Sunlodge Hotel - Tesano   2,000
12 12th Advanced Professional Course In Corporate Governance (2 Saturdays) 21st & 28th Oct  Sunlodge Hotel - Tesano   1,000
13 12th IoD Annual General Meeting and Workshop  26th October  College of Physicians & Surgeons     ---

Capacity Development Programme:

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

16th November  Sunlodge Hotel - Tesano   1,000
15 41st Professional Course In Corporate Governance (4 Saturdays) 11th Nov - 2rd Dec  Sunlodge Hotel - Tesano   2,000




  • In-house programmes are available upon request
  • Programme may be subject to some changes based on the needs of the time

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Course Outline

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Course Outline

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TV Programmes

Course Outline

In conjunction with Stravents Ltd, an event organisation, the Institute has completed a series of television programme on corporate governance. The initial series or episodes will be telecast for a period of thirteen (13) weeks – once a week and will last for thirty (30) minutes.
The completed series include:
  • The Essence of Governance
  • Principles of Corporate Governance
  • The Board (what is it?)
  • Responsibilities of the Board
  • Board Meetings
  • Boardroom Conflict
  • The Role of Shareholders, etc.
The Ghana Television (GTV) has already given approval that the series are good to be telecast and have even allotted a period for the series – Thursday 8.30pm-9.00pm. The greatest challenge for the partners is sponsorship. It has been difficult attracting sponsors. The desire of the Institute is that the telecast of the programme should start as soon as possible.

About IoD Ghana

The Institute of Directors-Ghana is an Institution that has its focus on Corporate Governance training.

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Our Services

The Institute offers the following range of professional services.

  • Training programmes
  • Advise on appropriate corporate government practices
  • Appraise and restructure an existing board
  • Help to build a board from scratch
  • Prepare manuals for organisations (including board manuals)
  • Help Organisations to select directors
  • Consultancy services
  • Publication of books

Our Clients

The Institute has trained many directors and managers of several Organisations in various industries including.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Procurement
  • Fishing
  • Security service
  • Public service etc.